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This is where human potential becomes Xponential.

Unlock the power of peak performance at Xenith S.P.A.

 Xenith S.P.A. is the fusion of Sports Medicine, Performance Science, and Advanced Technologies. We integrate everything under one roof to create the hub of cutting-edge, science-backed innovations to catapult human health and performance. 

We are the architects of peak performance, the curators of elite health, and the pioneers in a new era of wellness.

YOU are our people.

At Xenith S.P.A., innovation is our baseline, and your peak performance is our goal. We transcend traditional fitness boundaries to create a space where the latest in science-backed health meets the zenith of athletic training. Here, every sprint, swim, and stretch is powered by research, every therapy is validated by medical experts, and every workout is tailored by cutting-edge technology.


Meet Dr. X
Xenith S.P.A, Founder +
Chief Medical Officer

Workout Facility

Breakthrough Innovation.
State-of-the-Art Facilities.

Never less than best

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Sports Injury

For Everyone

 From pro athletes to fitness fanatics, anyone and everyone with a passion for performance is welcome to join as a member. 


Our medical team vets and validates all available treatments and technologies.

Curated Care

From medical support to medi-spa tratements, we put leading physicians, coaches, therapists, and trainers all under one roof.

Cutting Edge

We're committed to vetting and sourcing the latest and greatest technologies that forward advancements in human health and potential.


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