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Meet Dr. X

A message from the
medical maverick
Xenith S.P.A.
I'm Dr. Philip McDonald.
You might know me as Dr. X.


As the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Xenith S.P.A., I've dedicated my career to bridging the gap between elite sports medicine and accessible wellness for everyone. My journey has been shaped by a deep-rooted passion for understanding and enhancing athletic performance at its peak.  Leading PrimeTime Radiology, I had the privilege of working with the finest athletes from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. This experience wasn't just about treating injuries; it was about understanding the potential of the human body and what it takes to support it at the highest levels of competition. It opened my eyes to a world where meticulous care and state-of-the-art technology could do wonders for performance. 


This realization was the catalyst for Xenith S.P.A. I envisioned a place where the advanced care typically reserved for professional athletes could be accessible to all. I wanted to create a space where sports medicine, performance science, and advanced technologies weren't exclusive but available to anyone striving for their personal best. 


At Xenith S.P.A., we're building more than just a facility. We're creating a community where individuals, regardless of their athletic background, can access the best in sports medicine and wellness. Here, my philosophy of excellence, innovation, and accessibility comes to life, empowering each member to reach their full potential.​ Xenith S.P.A. is my commitment to transforming the landscape of health and performance care. It's a place where dreams of peak performance and optimal health are not just envisioned but actively pursued and achieved.

Welcome to our community, where your journey toward personal excellence begins.

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